From the very moment an idea takes shape, and throughout the entire life cycle of the product or  process, we offer a comprehensive range of services whilst constantly assessing our clients’ business objectives.

Our goal is to provide added value to our clients though our skills, our experience and the network of expertise that we have nurtured and keep developing since in more than 80 countries. 


Should I protect my innovation? And how? What is my geographical reach? How can I assert my rights? How can I protect myself?

These are just a few examples of common issues we address by providing the best possible advice.

These are just some examples of frequently asked questions to which we strive on providing the best possible consultancy advice.


The goal of our research work is to decide on:

  • A product, process or method’s patentability
  • The availability of a trademark
  • Freedom to operate or freely exploit a product or activity
  • Monitoring the IP activity of competitors
  • The technological activity within a certain sector/place
  • The identification of possible counterfeiters


Based on information received from our clients, or identified during our research work, we carry out assessments to determine the possibility of efficiently IP protection or to determine whether one can freely exploit a product or activity.


We prepare patent, trademarks and designs applications in English, French or German and we monitor worldwide all related filling, revision, delivery and support procedures. 

In that respect, we are registered to directly represent our clients before organizations such as the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the French Intellectual Property Institute (INPI) and the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute (IPI). In other countries, we work in close cooperation with local representatives.

Our clients receive regular communication on the progresses made on the ongoing procedures, on official deadlines and about the notifications issued by these offices. Should there be a problem regarding the protection of a trademark, we will address it and ensure to protect our clients’ best interests. 


Whether asserting one’s rights or protecting oneself, we assist our clients in every step by representing them before official authorities (IPI, EPO, etc.), or, if necessary, with the assistance of specialized lawyers.

We prepare warning letters, summons, notices of objection and appeals.

In addition to providing consultancy services, we assist our clients in all negotiation stages with opposing parties.

IP Due Diligence and IP Audits

In the event of a possible merger or acquisition, or of an investment in a company, we can assess the IP portfolios of our clients and of third parties and carry out freedom to operate studies on the relevant technology.

We also perform audits for our clients such as improving internal operating procedures for their IP department.


Our firm can offer presentations and seminars to any company wishing to gain knowledge on intellectual property.

The content of these presentations is prepared based on the clients’ needs. Our most common topics include intellectual property strategies, protective conditions, procedures granting IP rights on a national, European and global level, management of the IP portfolio and financial considerations regarding IP.